Set-up TestMaker

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to setting things up. I always prefer the "Standard Installation" to the "Custom" one. I usually can't mess things up that way (but you'd still be surprised)! Here's the steps for setting up TestMaker (once installed) and recording a new scenario/test:

1.With TestMaker open, click on the New Functional Scenario button.
The TestMaker Editor window should open with a new scenario started.

2. Click Use Cases tab.
Here you can add multiple tests to your scenario by the “Add test” link.

3. Click the Design button.
This opens the TestMaker Object Designer window (Note: if you want to skip to this window directly without making a new scenario, start from the TestMaker home window and follow Tools > Designer).

4. Click the Preferences Button.
The Browser Preferences open.

5. Click Firefox, or the browser you want to setup. Set the path to the correct .exe file for the browser, using the Browse button (you can use Start > Run and copy/paste in this path to see if it’s correct). After you enter the correct path to the browser’s .exe file, click Apply.

6. Close all TestMaker windows.
Save the Scenario if you want to return to it. You must restart the program for changes to apply.

7. Re-open TestMaker and navigate back to the Designer window. Click Record.

8. Enter a URL you want start the test from. Select the same browser from the dropdown. Click Ok.
That URL should open in a browser window that you specified. Continue recording your test step

9. Your recording! (Like Mom always says: "Smile for the camera!" Oh,...wait...I guess there's no camera here, ... never mind...)


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