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Extending Drupal 7 text field character limit

After getting the message, "There is data for this field in the database. The field settings can no longer be changed." while trying to extend the character limit for a text field in a Drupal 7 instance, I used the code below to increase the character limit. It modifies the relevant parts of the database to allow more characters. I ran the SQL code through a content node with the PHP Code Text Filter enabled, but it could also be run in a custom module.

Adding Secondary Validation to Drupal’s User Login

Want to add another layer of authentication to the default Drupal login? Say, by calling a company’s internal web service? Here’s a clean approach I’ve taken. Notice that we are inserting our secondary authentication into the validators, rather than overriding anything. Also notice that if we authenticate against our local Drupal DB, there’s no reason to look at the secondary web service or DB, but rather we only look if our default local authentication failed. Then, if we authenticate against our secondary source, we create a user to be used later on.

Webform Aggregate Download

Webform Aggregate Download: http://drupal.org/sandbox/marcuspfrench/1204606

This module provides the option to download all the webform submissions on a site in one collective download.

Currently in sandbox.

Webform Component Revisioning

Webform Component Revisioning: http://drupal.org/sandbox/marcuspfrench/1204624

Makes webform components work per revision instead of per node.

Currently in Sandbox

Views Block with Arguments

Blocks created by a view in Drupal do not have access to the page URL and thus arguments won't work normally. However, by using some custom PHP code in the argument default setting, we can pass information from the URL to the block as if it were a page.

The best tutorial I was able to find on this is here: Drupal View Block With Arguments

The PHP code I used to get a user's blog to show under his team profile page on this site is below. Used as default argument code for "User: Name."

Internet Explorer 31-stylesheet limit

After half an hour of editing ie6.css and wondering why the heck my customizations weren't actually showing up in MSIE, I came across a bit of CSS trivia that I'd forgotten, if I ever knew it at all: Internet Explorer can only load 31 stylesheets. Maybe this is due to the stylesheets being indexed by a 5-bit number? I can't imagine a logical reason for such an arbitrary limit.

SHRM India

For this project, we developed several Drupal modules to customize the site behavior and user experience. We were also responsible for content management, documentation, and deployment to staging and production environments.

Web Design & Development

On the surface, websites, like icebergs, are not a visually complete portrayal of the hidden mass that keeps the object afloat. As potential customers fly or sail by, you want to draw them in with a unique Visual Design and then be sure you can connect with them again. By analyzing website traffic via our web analytics module and using the information that is tracked from those visits we can help you increase the effectiveness of your site and marketing dollars. Don't let what cannot be seen keep you from a safe and profitable internet presence.

FIRE Church

We built this site with Drupal, adding some custom PHP features to fit the client's hosting company, also integrating an ASP web app from the legacy site that was still in use.

Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams
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I am a programmer, web developer, webmaster and graphic-designer-in-training. I live in Estes Park, Colorado with my wife and three children. After connecting through their e-learning site, HomeGrownProgrammers.com, I have worked with Automation Excellence since the summer of 2009 and also have some freelance programming experience prior to that.

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