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Touch Error

Saw this issue in my Joomla install:
"Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Utime failed: Permission denied in / on line 8631"

Fixed it by changing permissions to all files and folders under "/cache"

Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams
Job Title: 

I am a programmer, web developer, webmaster and graphic-designer-in-training. I live in Estes Park, Colorado with my wife and three children. After connecting through their e-learning site,, I have worked with Automation Excellence since the summer of 2009 and also have some freelance programming experience prior to that.

AskDrBrown is built with Joomla and a number of additional modules. We also integrated several custom PHP features. AskDrBrown includes an e-commerce bookstore built on Virtue Mart.

Joomla Performance Grader

For any Joomla sites out there, I'd highly recommend testing your site using the Joomla Performance Grader found here:,com_performance/Itemid...

Very detailed and Joomla-specific testing done here, it definitely helps with page load speed.

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