Automation Excellence (AE) is a company started by a homeschool family in 1998. AE serves clients through software automation testing – providing services like load testing and website functionality. About 6 years ago, AE faced a crisis. Like any company, they needed a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than their competitors. However, the crisis was that their competition followed a disappointing trend to hire offshore employment. This made it seemingly impossible for AE to keep American employees and maintain a high ROI. AE turned to a trusty, time-honored technique to maintain both of these – the mentor/apprenticeship model. Under this model, a skilled mentor passes on his/her knowledge to a working apprentice, who is eager to learn the skills of his mentor and thereby provides the company with a work force.

In 2003, AE started interviewing college graduates for such a mentorship position. Despite the long time it took to find a willing client, the seeming risk of hiring a newly graduated college student, and an inexperienced apprentice, AE found huge success almost immediately. Not only was the client completely satisfied, but AE was now in a positive ROI situation.

Building on the success of that first mentorship program, AE has seen tremendous success with this model. However, AE faces a new crises, one that involves a need for more individuals – bright and talented US citizens who can fill the demand for software engineers. Thus, Home Grown Programmers was born. We see a need to educate homeschoolers in computer programming skills, within a God-honoring environment. Something that's not available to most homeschoolers unfortunately. We want to help your students find their vocation. Our desire is to give them the experience they need to use computers well today and to succeed in tomorrow’s computer-dominant colleges and work places. If you start dreaming about computers and programming in your sleep, we may just have the career path for you. Come join us at Home Grown Programmers and find out how to utilize computers and see if programming is something you were designed to do.